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ILVE Professional Plus II 40" Dual Fuel Natural Gas Range, Matte Graphite with Trim, UPD40FWMPMG

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Current price $7,690.00
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Size: 40"
Color: Gray

ILVE Professional Plus II 40" Dual Fuel Natural Gas Range, Matte Graphite with Trim, UPD40FWMPMG

Please call  (800)604-1380 Ext#2 before placing your order to confirm the item’s availability.

ILVE's Professional Plus II brings the ultimate cooking experience to your kitchen with many updated features that enhanced the original Professional Plus with Total Black Brass Non-Stick Nanotechnological Treatment, Easy Clean Enamel Oven Interior and an updated Oven Control. It also features 25,000 BTU Dual Function Burner, Simmer at 900 BTU, Triple Glass Cool Down, Updated Oven Control and Soft Closing System.


Professional Plus II The Professional Plus range cookers are inspired by the kitchens of the best restaurants, bringing robustness, ergonomics and operability to the domestic space. They offer various set up options, from double ovens to gas or induction hobs. Available gas hobs range from 30 inch up to 60 inch with up to 8 burners and can be integrated with coup de feu and griddle. Induction hobs are flush-mounted, from 36 inch up to 48 inch: the latter version is equipped with no less than 6 cooking zones and the bridge function. The option of choosing different sizes, standard colors or upon request, the option of RAL colors, and metallic finishes, allows it to blend perfectly in any interior.

  • Dual gas burners with power up to btu 25000 as standard
  • Total Black brass flame spreader with non-stick nanotechnological treatment
  • Highly specialised cooktops
  • Hob with cast iron pan supports.
  • Door and drawer with soft-closing system
  • Cold door with triple removable glass
  • Quick start

Quick start The quick oven preheating function allows it to reach the desired temperature in a short time and you can then choose the best-suited cooking mode for the dish. It also works as rapid defrosting when a low temperature is set (85°F - 105°F).

Cold door with triple removable glass Safe with children, perfectly insulated thanks to the three layers, and easy to clean.

Tangential cooling ventilation and high-density insulation Prevents the furniture next to the oven and the kitchen from overheating.

Folding grill coil for complete cleaning Thanks to the articulated support, the electric heating element of the grill can be lowered to clean the top part of the cavity more easily

Easy clean enamel The grease does not stick to the surface and can therefore be cleaned more easily.

Door with soft closing system The door hinges are fitted with a shock absorber that makes the closure more gradual and noiseless.

Dual gas burners with power up to btu 25000 btu as standard Optimal supply and perfect distribution of the heat, for all types of cooking.

Total Black brass flame spreader with non-stick nanotechnological treatment The noble technical characteristics of brass are enriched with a nanotechnological coating that assures easy cleaning, with an elegant Total Black finish.

Hob with cast iron pan supports The indestructible cast iron pan supports provide functional and safe support for the pots.

Integrated switch-on on the knobs Just press the gas knob to trigger the spark: so simple and instant.

The safety valve Interrupts the gas supply if the flame should be accidentally extinguished.

Tilted flame This is more efficient as it distributes the heat on a larger surface than the bottom of the pot.

Multi-gas burners Once the flame has stabilized, they eliminate any accidental extinguishing of the fire due to air currents or liquid spills.

Brass flame spreader Maximum flame resistance and excellent durability

ILVE: Live, Cook, Love The taste of tradition, with a modern twist.
Cooking with love means improving the quality of life, an important promise that ILVE always keeps. Its collections address people's needs in a tangible, consistent, and elegant way. From the appeal of classic styles to new design trends, ILVE designs appliances that decorate, paying the utmost attention to technology and details.

Live For over 50 years ILVE has been a world-class leader in cooking systems. They first introduced their oversized built-in oven in 1969, and only a few years later unveiled their revolutionary Panoramagic range cooker. In their half-century of continued research and commitment, ILVE has designed and implemented solutions that have raised the levels of performance, safety and satisfaction in the kitchen—because cooking well means living well.

Cook ILVE ranges are inspired by the kitchens in which the great chefs work their wonders, but their aesthetics and efficiency suit the home. ILVE uses the same durable materials as professional kitchens: stainless steel (Aisi 304), cast iron, brass, and copper. Like the selection of the raw materials, the technological features of every range component also undergo strict inspection. ILVE appliances are made individually, according to customer specifications, and are assembled by hand with expertise, passion, and craftsmanship.

Love ILVE appliances are the product of their passion for their work, their enthusiasm in always developing new designs and technological creations, and their unending pursuit of excellence. These sentiments give life to perfect, unique instruments designed to bring joy and satisfaction to those who truly love cooking, with qualities that shine in every aesthetic and practical detail. And just as everyone has their own culinary vision, everyone also has their own taste in home décor. That is why ILVE collections come in a variety of beautiful styles that will make cooking a daily pleasure.

Reliability: a value that lasts over time. The reliability of ILVE products and services has been proven for over 50 years. Every ILVE appliance and range cooker is produced in line with the highest quality certifications and manually assembled by skilled craftsmen who oversee even the smallest detail. This  guarantees perfect operation for decades, as evidenced by the satisfaction of our many customers who demand functionality, safety, and durability



Color:  Matte Graphite
Style: Freestanding
Cooktop::Sealed Burner
Drawer:  Storage
Fuel Type:  Dual Fuel
Gas Type:  Natural Gas
Continuous Grates:  Yes
Digital Clock:  Yes
Pro-Style:  Yes


Exterior Width:  40"
Width:  39.375"
Height:  40.75"
Depth:  26.5"


Total Capacity:  4.3 cu. ft.
Primary Oven Capacity:  2.3 cu. ft.
Secondary Oven Capacity:  2 cu. ft.
Dual Door: Yes
Steam-Clean:  No
Broiler:  Yes
Sabbath Mode:  No
Self-Cleaning:  No
Convection:  Yes
Delay Bake:  No
Digital Temperature Display:  Yes
Oven Control Type:  Digital
Steam Oven:  No
Double Oven:  Yes
Temperature Probe:  No
Interior Oven Light:  Yes


Burners / Elements:  6
Burners:  6
Cooktop Control Type:  Knobs
Downdraft Ventilation:  No
Griddle:  Yes
Grill:  No
Cast Iron Grates:  Yes
French Top:  No
Highest Burner Output:  25000 BTU


Front Left Output:  25000
Back Left Output:  10500
Back Right Output:  10500
Front Right Output:  25000
Middle Back Output:  10500
Middle Front Output:  7000


Volts:  240 Volts
Amps:  30 Amps


ADA Compliant:  No


Handle Shape:  Rectangular
Handle Type:  Bar
Cool Door with Triple Oven Glass:  Yes
Total Black Nano-Tech Non-Stick Coated Burners:  Yes
Storage Drawer:  Yes
Handcrafted from Italy:  Yes
High-End Workmanship:  Yes
Rotisserie:  Yes
Continuous Cast Iron Pan Support:  Yes
Soft Close Door System:  Yes
ETL:  Yes


Luxury:  Yes


Italians are renowned the world over for their passion for design. Combined with exquisite craftsmanship this has produced some of the most desirable products and iconic brands.

That same passion and craftsmanship are what drove our founders Eugenio Illoti and Evelino Berno to create their first commercial cooker way back in 1952. Word spread quickly and soon there was a demand from passionate home cooks for a domestic product as good as their original commercial cookers.

ILVE has come a long way since those early days. Our cooking appliances are now amongst the world’s finest and can be found in some of the most sophisticated homes throughout the globe. And not just for their beautiful design either.

The consistent blue flame of solid brass burners, the cool touch of an oven door, and the delight of tepanyaki cooking are all testimony to our exceptional attention to detail. In short, a passion for innovation and craftsmanship permeates everything we do.

Our state-of-the-art factory near Venice is home to the modern-day craftsmen and women of Italy who still to this day exquisitely handcraft and assemble ILVE appliances. It is their unique Italian sensibility and the legacy of Illoti and Berno that lives on in every ILVE kitchen.


Famous for beautiful Italian design, the proof of ILVE’s superior commercial-grade quality is found in the unrivaled attention to detail that brings to life tangible benefits such as:

All ILVE oven cavities are heavily insulated to protect your cabinetry from heat stress and discoloration. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an oven.

All ILVE appliances are made using 304 ‘surgical-grade stainless steel. Nonmagnetic and rust-proof, ILVE ovens are also more hygienic as a result.

ILVE’s catalytic cleaning system combined with the stainless steel fat filter positioned over the rear fan allows for automatic cleaning of the oven interior.

Constructed using three layers of .16" thick glass incorporating reflective metallic film ILVE oven doors are always cool to the touch.

ILVE’s Quickstart pre-heat function heats to 347°F in less than 8 minutes. Combined with dual capillary thermostats for accurate temperature adjustment up to 482°F, ILVE ovens put you in total control of your cooking.

Using two-point heavy-duty metal door hinges means ILVE ovens can withstand up to 55 lbs. loads and close with a reassuring quality clunk.

ILVE oven doors are simply removed so even the interior oven glass can be cleaned without the need for costly service calls. Furthermore, ILVE’s high-quality baked enamel interiors are easy to clean, non-staining, and highly resilient.

ILVE cooktops use heavy cast iron trivets with more fingers as they retain heat better and provide more stability during cooking.

We are proud to present to you a new era of cooking appliances that will revolutionize your kitchen.

Should you have any questions about any other products we offer, our Sales/Products Team is available to help by calling (800)604-1380 Ext2. Whether you just want to buy an ILVE Gas Range, a Range Hood, or any of our products, we are here to help.

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