INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Floating Shelf + Bracket Combo

Tools required: level, drill, tape measure   Optional: stud finder

Your Farmhouse Kitchen and Bath shelves arrive with required hardware. For optimal strength and durability, your shelf should be mounted on studs. Studs are traditionally located 16 to 24 inches apart. While our bracket contains more holes than studs in your wall, please use all screws provided for additional strength.

Locate a stud on your wall, then measure another 16 to 24 inches to find another. Please note that not all brackets will accommodate two studs. Using a level, draw a straight line between the studs to ensure straight mounting.

Place the bracket on the wall and drill the first screw into the stud. Drill screws into studs before drilling other screws.

Slide your Ultra Shelf onto your mounted bracket.

Our brackets are equipped with several holes. However, not every hole will accommodate a stud. For those holes that will not use a stud, we will provide special screws that act as sheetrock anchors. They are weight tested at 50 lbs. each, and are designed for several wall types including sheetrock, brick, cement, and stone.