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How Do I Get Comfortable In My New Kitchen? - Farmhouse Kitchen and Bath

How Do I Get Comfortable In My New Kitchen?

We are all well versed on the benefits of cooking at home: saving money, healthier meals that can optimize your mental and physical fitness, and being around loved ones just to name a few. Now let's say you've invested in renovating your kitchen with brand new finishings, state of the art appliances and the aesthetic of your choosing. You did it!
But... you can't seem to get into the habit of using the aforementioned new kitchen weekly much less daily. Maybe you've never been much of a chef, your busy schedule has you in a fast food rut, or heaven forbid you don't want to mess up your beautiful new investment. How do you turn yourself into someone who loves cooking in the kitchen? Read along to find out.
Find inspiration: Thought there was only one way to cook a boring chicken breast? Enter the internet. Look for inspiration from social media (or a cookbook if computers aren't your thing). Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest have an endless supply of content ranging from beginner to advanced. Good luck watching for even a few minutes without drooling - you can try new recipes that you find interesting or try to recreate your favorite dishes. Remember, it's ok to mess up. It's good to trial and error to see what works for you. Parmesan cheese on an espresso martini isn't for everyone.
Set achievable goals: Start by setting realistic and achievable goals. For instance, you can start by cooking one meal per day, and gradually increase the frequency as you become more comfortable in the kitchen. Not ready to use your brand new range? Get in the kitchen and start with a salad or no bake breakfast cookies.
Make it fun: Try to make cooking a fun and enjoyable activity. Listen to music or podcasts while cooking, or invite friends or family over to cook together. Take turns on who cooks and who cleans to make it a group activity. If you are cooking alone, have a glass of red wine or lime seltzer water and use this time for you to wind down after a long or stressful day.
Get organized: Make sure your kitchen is well-organized, and that you have all the necessary tools and ingredients before you start cooking. Making grocery lists for what you'd like to make for the week is helpful, but don't forget that if you want to try air "fried" chicken you have to own an air fryer! This can help reduce stress and make the process more efficient.
Focus on the benefits: Remind yourself of the benefits of cooking at home. First, you are likely saving a lot of money. According to a recent article in Money Under 30, the average household spends over $3000 a year on dining out, yikes! Not to mention, we don't even really know what we are eating. There are hidden seed oils, chemicals and flavor enhancers in nearly all restaurant and fast food. Cooking at home helps you control what you eat for peak mental and physical performance. Lastly, you are developing a new skill. Chopping, sautéing and baking comes easier with more and more practice, and many people find it becomes an addictive hobby.
You've invested in that kitchen, now time to use it! Remember, Gordan Ramsay wasn't born a Master Chef; getting comfortable in the kitchen comes with time and practice, but the money saving and health benefits are immediate. Now get cooking.
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