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Modern Farmhouse: A Little Bit New, A Little Bit Old

Modern Farmhouse: A Little Bit New, A Little Bit Old

The traditional farmhouse trend is everywhere these days - just go to your local Target and you will see all of the telltale signs. Shiplap? Check. Rustic wall decor? Check. Reclaimed wood? Check. While we love the look (and have dedicated and entire brand around it!), it is ok if you aren't fully committed to the niche vibe.

Enter Modern Farmhouse. It mixes all of the clean lines and minimalism of a modern look with the warm touches of a traditional farmhouse theme. It's simple but never boring; clean but never sterile. Read along on how to master the modern farmhouse look in your kitchen:

White, wood, or Neutral-Colored Cabinets: White or light-colored cabinets can create a modern and fresh look while still maintaining a farmhouse feel. You can also opt for shaker-style cabinets to add a touch of traditional charm. The key here is clean lines on your cabinets with simple hardware and finishes as to not "overdo" the look.

Wood Accents: Incorporating wood accents can add warmth and texture to your kitchen. Remember light warm wood is best to avoid a cold or sterile looking kitchen. Consider adding wood beams to your ceiling, a wooden range hood or open shelving made of reclaimed wood. Think about it, has wood ever really gone out of style?

Mix Rustic and Modern Touches: Adding rustic elements such as a farmhouse sink, vintage-inspired lighting fixtures or a reclaimed wood kitchen island can give your kitchen an authentic farmhouse feel. To balance out this traditional look, opt for clean and minimalistic subway tile backsplash, simple marble or even stainless steel countertops. If you've gone mainly farmhouse with the cabinets and countertops, go for a sleek simple light fixture to tie it all together.

Open Shelving With Sleek Hardware: Open shelving can create a farmhouse feel while also providing additional storage and display space. Consider using metal brackets to support the shelves in order to keep the perfect modern balance. Black or matte-finished hardware can add a modern touch to your kitchen while still complementing traditional farmhouse elements.

Remember, adding natural light and greenery to any type of kitchen design is always welcome and will add warmth and space. The modern farmhouse look is the perfect blend for someone who is afraid to commit too much to one theme, or someone that doesn't want something that might look too dated a few years down the road. By incorporating these design elements, you can create a kitchen that is the perfect marriage between modern and farmhouse!

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